Who We Are


Rhythm Roasting Company (RRC) is a minority, women-owned, coffee supplier & support organization for coffee growers all over the world seeking to expand their global scope and accessibility within the coffee industry. 

Our mission at the RRC is to carefully and ethically source the most extraordinary coffee from various captivating origins and connect them to coffee buyers and B2B clients all across the US.

We’ve dedicated our entrepreneurial pursuit and assembled an experienced team to provide savory coffee blends for consumers to enjoy and love.   Our 15+ years of experience in sourcing, supply chain, and distribution, allows us to make our premium, international coffee products more approachable and accessible to all of our targeted clients.

We are continuously developing long-term, sustainable relationships with our partnered coffee producers and commercial clients to help resolve their concerns of the lack of agricultural & economic resources to market & sell high quality coffee at fair pricing.